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Email, as it turns out, is a much better way to curate what I consume.

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Hopefully, we shall get through the second wave soon! Many of us have been wondering what could we do. Staying home is probably the best thing we could do at this stage. The next best thing is to donate to some of the organizations that are doing incredible work, and while we're at it, also donate towards some credible news organizations for reporting the real stories on the ground.

India Covid Resources: An initiative by The Product Folks, the website gives links to various NGOs that are working to provide oxygen, food, and other medical resources to the needy.

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Tackling information overload

I jumped onto the newsletter bandwagon around this time last year. I fell victim to information overload while being locked down at home. Content from publications or social accounts I followed never ended up showing on feeds — irrelevant advertisements based on what I liked or even what I spoke of started to surface. Tired of it all, I started doing a massive cleanup of all my feeds — only followed accounts of people and organizations that mattered to me. However, even that hasn't been of any help. The algorithms are designed for you to get into the rabbit hole of things that you didn't want to. As designed to, I often end up doomscrolling in search of something I didn't intend to. Nothing I am telling here is new to most of you. However, this is what sets the context to my pursuit of getting my information through newsletters.

I find them to be a great way to control what I consume. There's delayed gratification because most of the newsletters don't arrive every day. They come once a week, so that keeps me at bay. I find the information there to be way more genuine as well as valuable — and there aren't any ads. My feed is much more optimized to what I want to read about.

The newsletters I have subscribed to span across categories from music, food, and general news to entrepreneurship, product design, and, of course, lots of tools and resources. A lot of links I share on Hyperlink come from some of the newsletters I'm mentioning. I also keep on refreshing and unsubscribing to the ones I find I am not getting enough value from. So that way, it’s much easier to curate my Inbox.

Hyperlink's favorite newsletters

  • Dense Discovery — Art, Design, Apps, Good reads, all culminating into one beautiful newsletter that comes in every week. A beautiful read especially if any of the above categories interest you.

  • Flow State — Every weekday, Flow State sends two hours of genre-free focus music worth listening and working to.

  • HeyDesigner — Weekly curated newsletter spanning product design and frontend code.

  • Keeping up with India — Best resource for getting news from the Indian Startup Ecosystem.

  • Kneeling Bus — A newsletter about cities, technology, and culture - and how the physical and digital interacts with each other. Mostly this newsletter speaks about the author's observations of the immediate surroundings.

  • Mat Sherman's Newsletter — Mat Sherman writes about Markets, Founders, and Startups. I make sure I don't miss this one.

  • Maker Mind — A great collection of fresh content around mindful productivity.

  • Unsnackable — A weekly newsletter where the author talks about strange snacks from around the world, mostly because she can't have them. I enjoy reading this one because I am a snack-lover myself.

  • UX Collective — Every Product person must've read articles from this blog. That is not to say this is not for non-product people. The newsletter rounds up the best articles about design and resources every week.

  • Why is this Interesting — A daily email about interesting things. It could be anything — which is what makes this newsletter pretty interesting.

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